Signing up and logging in

Signing up

Signing up is easy. Just head over to and enter your session’s details.

What should I name my session?

While you are free to name your session in any manner you like, we recommend sticking to Place Year.

  • Leipzig 2015
  • Laax 2016
  • Brno 2017
  • Diepholz 2018

Logging in

You can log in by opening the account dropdown in the top right corner! Your new username is sessionnameyear_admin, where sessionname is the name of the session you put in without spaces and in all lowercase letters.

All special characters will be replaced by their ASCII-equivalents. Some really strange letters like the German ß will be removed from the username completely.

Use the password you entered when you created the session. Then you should start customising your session by adding committees and their topics.

Examples of usernames

We recommend, that you stick to the naming scheme mentioned in Signing up. If you wish to deviate from this scheme or your session’s name contains special charachters, you might find the table below useful.

Session’s Name Submission Username Administration Username
Basel 2017 basel2017 basel2017_admin
Évora 2016 evora2016 evora2016_admin
Järvenpää 2016 jarvenpaa2016 jarvenpaa2016_admin
NSC Thessaloniki 2015 nscthessaloniki2015 nscthessaloniki2015_admin
1st RSC of EYP XY 1strscofeypxy 1strscofeypxy_admin
Hódmezővásárhely 2017 hodmezovasarhely2017 hodmezovasarhely2017_admin
Süßen 2017 suen2017 suen2017_admin


Usernames are generated when you first create your session. If you change the name of your session later on, the usernames will stay the same as before.